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About Us

A Damsel's Locket Mobile Art Studio travels to domestic violence shelters, safe houses, women's resource centers and survivor support groups across the country providing free therapeutic healing art workshops to survivors of all types of violence.

The mobile art studio is an opportunity for every woman we meet, to heal, share her resiliency in the face of violence and learn how to tell their story through art. The survivors will leave with a small bag of art supplies as a gifts during workshops and through our "Art to go" bag program.

We will also be partnering with resource centers and offering monthly paint nights as an activity for women as they are in the process of getting resources.

The Art To-Go bags are small and easy to carry with art supplies for survivors as well and child survivors. Most women and children in safe houses and shelters leave with almost nothing, so this is a tool that they will be able to use when they are displaced.

Our Founder

Michelle Diaz

Michelle is an artist and a survivor who’s life’s mission is to share her story with other survivors and encourage them on their path to healing. 

Inspired by her own story of survival Michelle feels that every individual should have access to the powerful healing of self expression through art. Over the next year as we fundraise, Michelle will be telling her story on canvas and with her community.


Once the project is fully funded Michelle has committed to travel from Coast to Coast on a life changing trip, stopping in every state along the way to share her story and spread self expression through art to as many survivors as possible.


She's looking forward to being on this joureny with everyone and would love equal encouragement and support! 

I began to paint and something amazing happened.


Our Values

We believe healthy families and relationships are the building blocks of an empowered community.

We respect and honor each individual’s path and encourage them to use their strengths in attaining personal empowerment.

We embrace diversity and provide culturally responsive services delivered with compassion and respect.

We are committed to actions and decisions that secure the wellbeing of each and every individual we serve, our community, and our organization.

We embrace interdependency by working collaboratively within our organization and our community.

We value our commitment to high standards of honesty, absolute confidentiality, and accountability for our actions and words.

We value the history and longevity of our organization and commit to our sustainability and growth through all forms of education, community involvement, and fiscal prudence.

Our actions at all times reflect the vision, mission, and values of our organization and strive for measurable results culminating in a healthy environment for all members of our community.

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